Monday, December 20, 2010

What charity means to ME....Describe a person who exemplifies the quality of charity

Charity means to me that the person cares enough to actually give up some of their money or even their time 4 someone else. To me it shows that they are not greedy and that they are caring because now a days to everybody time is everything so if someone gives some of their time up even if it's just to talk to you then it shows you mean alot to them!    {An example of a charitable person to me would be Queen Victoria because i recently watched a movie about her and even though she was young when she inherited the throne she worked hard and gave it her best to get people appropriate houses and buildings...even though men (like her advisers) told her not to because it wasn't important she still did and made a difference to the poor towns people. That to me is very nice and charitable because she did give her time +)


  1. I never thought that Queen Victoria was charitable, i thought she was greedy. That is very interesting.

  2. Wasn't Queen Victoria mean? she made up the rule that children had to work and they were BOUGHT to work in those times. Well I guess, there are dozens different sides of the story. For me, it does mean a lot when someone devotes their time to talk to me or to just answer my question. There's a lot of things we can do to be charitable.