Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Life as a Junior

Life as a Junior isn't as satisfying as it may seem ... This is the year where your truly figure out who your friends are that you can trust. People have changed drastically ; you feel you can't connect with them anymore. The classes are harder like AP they're is alot more things involved and you actually have to pay attention more than you want. They're is no time to talk among your fellow classmates because your always busy with an assignment . At times it feels lonely being a junior in a school with people who don't understand you and that are always observing you and judging before even getting to know you but hey we life with it. The problem with Junior year is its not fulfilling ... But yet life lives on

Thursday, March 31, 2011


So it seems as if the world consists of people who don't care about anybody else but themselves and it really stinks but like my life motto i need to suck it up and LET IT BE! so i think people just need to change and not come back until they learn they're lesson because they obviously don't get that one little thing they say or do will hurt that person :( oh well GO FOR GOLD lannia :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011


What i think would help alot to decrease the hatred is to not do it myself then mabey will follow and also choose not to do it. Say if someone was rude and hated me and tried to ruin my life i would just ignore it and not fight back or show my anger then mabey they would get tired of following me around trying to get me angry. So if one person stops at a time the earth would be alot happier and less ANGRY.! So we could all stop the anger and hatred one at a time it will help and hopefully you will really try next time not to judge someone before you lnow them and even if you dont like that person try to hide it and at least try to be nice to them....So ill say this again BE NICE STOP ANGER/HATRED.!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

What's the deal about the Cahsee?!

Honestly i think the Cahsee's is a complete waste of time for everyone. First of all the teachers have to rent tables for all of us to just sit and take the dumb test then second the teachers have to prepare us for the test and stop all the other learning were on. Also not alot of people even try on the test they just try to get it done as soon as possible because some have ADD and cannot sit very long.....Then the long wait to get the test results are forever! So i would rather not take the test because it's nerve racking but of course the Cahsee is here to stay!.....

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Big Flaw...

I think many people lie way way too much! You could be having a normal conversation or at least that's what you think but that person could really be telling you a whole bunch of lies to your face and not even think twice or care as long as it makes them look or feel better. To me it seems like many people liebecause it's too easy and they can get away with it most of the time. They think it won't hurt anybody but you know what it actually does because if you find out about that person's lie you feel you can't trust them or thet you may not know them very well know because you don't know what they've lied about or what they told the truth about!
                                     BUT THAT'S JUST MY OPINION! BYE

Why LANNIA NEVES is unique

I think my name is unique ... not a lot of people have my name and so i like it very much. Um lets see...oh many people say i act different like nobody else acts like me if you really know me then you'll know what im talking about right now. Also not alot of people have my kind of hair, many peole have curly hair but not the way mine is. Geez i can't think of anything right now! Oh got it my style of movies i like and music i listen to not alot of people know. Ok that's all i can think about right now so i guess bye bye-until we meet again. Also i can be a great friend and that quality is hard to find in others. Also i like to make up games by myself to pass the time like walk on my tippy toes...Expecially in high socks yeah i know im a weirdo :) Anywho i think it's rather cool my last name NEVES is seven spelt backwards wow i know pretty cool. Well that's all  tata for now.

What charity means to ME....Describe a person who exemplifies the quality of charity

Charity means to me that the person cares enough to actually give up some of their money or even their time 4 someone else. To me it shows that they are not greedy and that they are caring because now a days to everybody time is everything so if someone gives some of their time up even if it's just to talk to you then it shows you mean alot to them!    {An example of a charitable person to me would be Queen Victoria because i recently watched a movie about her and even though she was young when she inherited the throne she worked hard and gave it her best to get people appropriate houses and buildings...even though men (like her advisers) told her not to because it wasn't important she still did and made a difference to the poor towns people. That to me is very nice and charitable because she did give her time +)