Saturday, January 22, 2011

What's the deal about the Cahsee?!

Honestly i think the Cahsee's is a complete waste of time for everyone. First of all the teachers have to rent tables for all of us to just sit and take the dumb test then second the teachers have to prepare us for the test and stop all the other learning were on. Also not alot of people even try on the test they just try to get it done as soon as possible because some have ADD and cannot sit very long.....Then the long wait to get the test results are forever! So i would rather not take the test because it's nerve racking but of course the Cahsee is here to stay!.....


  1. It's a lot of work not just for us and for the teachers too but we dont have any other option.

  2. Ya. It is here to stay......and on the practice cahsee we have seen how ppl don't try...and have

  3. i agree and people do have ADD and so they fail..
    (i dont have ADD but i fail everything else anyway)