Thursday, February 24, 2011


What i think would help alot to decrease the hatred is to not do it myself then mabey will follow and also choose not to do it. Say if someone was rude and hated me and tried to ruin my life i would just ignore it and not fight back or show my anger then mabey they would get tired of following me around trying to get me angry. So if one person stops at a time the earth would be alot happier and less ANGRY.! So we could all stop the anger and hatred one at a time it will help and hopefully you will really try next time not to judge someone before you lnow them and even if you dont like that person try to hide it and at least try to be nice to them....So ill say this again BE NICE STOP ANGER/HATRED.!


  1. yes..I agree anger should be stopped

  2. LOL yea its true there should be less anger in this world...and you spelled maybe wrong...LOL :)

  3. agree with adam...only one more comment to post aha